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• Benefits for Journalists

As a Member of the ECJ e. V., it is easier to gain access to relevant information about topical queries and themes throughout Europe. In this regard, the ECJ provides attractive information services about European topics. Many interested people from all walks of journalistic life are members of the ECJ which acts as an interface between journalism, publishing houses and European institutions. The ECJ distances itself from the political ideals of trade unions and acts as a neutral service provider for its members. In addition to preferential buying conditions, the ECJ consistently negotiates attractive membership offers.

Special reductions for the press on a variety of services are also a part of the EJC´s activities. Members receive preferential conditions in the areas of retirement provisions, telecommunications, international flights, hotels, car rental agencies and other shopping facilities.

Services and offers:
Through commitment and qualified support, the ECJ promotes the common interests of journalists and media representatives by offering its members a comprehensive performance package with an array of advantages:
• Newsroom: with up to date industry news
• Download area (work assistance)
• Career qualifications
• Press conditions for members
• Considerable PDF library
• On-line workshops
• Media insurance for electronics & technology
• Conference Call including free software
• Private pension plans
• Internet marketing for journalists
• Coordination of offers and commissions

Basically, everyone has the chance to work as a journalist or media representative because there are no state regulations for journalistic work. The spectrum of journalistic work is subject to fluctuation and for this reason, it is essential that people who act as journalists or media representatives are prepared to face daily challenges in a positive and creative way. As a Member of the European Chamber of Journalists, you have a competent partner that is able to help with a wide range of contacts in the field.

Media professionals & Newcomers

Members of the ECJ appreciate the career orientated services. Not only Media professionals use the benefits of membership, but also a large number of committed Newcomers.