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Europe's people love pasta and paella, value freedom and the cultural variety of the continent, but the European unification process is only advancing in small steps. For Europe's citizens have a basic problem with the political effects that lie behind the idea of 'Europe'. The idea seems to have lost its fascination long ago in the cumber-some and tactical world of the political figures involved. The links provide a brief overview of the most important sources of information concerning Europe and co. Find out more about the central concepts of daily political life in the EU and about the fundamental interests that control the politics of Europe.

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Tip: Take a good look at the web site of the European Commission press service and register for one or more newsletters. Europa is one of the largest web sites in the world. All institutions of the European Union are repre-sented there. The Europa newsletter appears regularly every two weeks and includes information about the newest developments and coming EU dates and activities.