Chamber: short presentation
Service orientated trade association.
• Independent and non-aligned.

The European Chamber of Journalists (ECJ) was founded in 2006 by experienced press professionals, journalists and experts in the field. Industry experts appreciate the ECJ as a professional trade association that mainly is represented by full & part time journalists, experts in the communication sector and media representatives.  This includes editors, (freelance) press photographers and feature journalists, authors, publishers, directors, camera people, spokesmen, film critics and radio reporters.

Furthermore, ECJ is supported by members who are active as owners or managers of TV production companies, news and press agencies, radio senders as well as journalism offices dealing with type, image, sound and online. As a service orientated career and branch representative, the ECJ is developing amongst other things like press portals, journalistic databases, recommendations for start-ups, career models, and contract specimens. A diver-sity of consultation services, a PDF library, trade literature, working materials, homepages, the legitimate issue of legally valid press cards, media supply, job offers and much more complete our considerable service offer. The ECJ is an innovator, provider of ideas and know-how pools for representatives of the media.

The Chamber of Journalists is independent. That means:
• Free from politics, trade unions or employers’ associations
• Independent of publishers, organisations or stakeholders
• Financially and ideally independent of third parties

Common goals for journalists and representatives of the media as well as publishing and communication works are promoted by the ECJ. Co-operations with other (European) similar associations and the economy will be used to this goal, just as the co-operations with press associations. In this relation

• the association promotes media diversity and the freedom of the press
• the association strives to ensure uninhibited professionalism and career access
• the association offers and mediates career opportunities
• the association supports in publishing and communication work
• the association dedicates itself to a cross-frontier cooperation
• the association informs on the functions of European institutions
• the association facilitates the access to European information sources for its members


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